Pilgrim is doing well! November 11, 2020

Hello everyone!

First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank every single one of you for your generous contributions to saving Pilgrim from a horrible fate and giving him the life he greatly deserves.  Pilgrim is doing well in quarantine.  The vet came out to examine him and estimated his age to be 12-13.  The staff at the quarantine center say he is just the sweetest horse.  He is still recovering from the leg injury he got during his stay at the Killpen and his feet need attention.  Other than that he has shown no signs of illness and should be making his way to Happy Tales in just a few short weeks!

We are working on improving our horse facilities and opening a brand new area for Pilgrim's homecoming and for future quarantine use.  We have purchased a barn at a great price and dismantled it and brought it to the sanctuary.  We cleaned up an old collapsed building and cleared an area of overgrown bushes where we will place the barn.  We are currently working on getting the materials for the new fence and getting that built.

None of this could happen without all of you!  Thank you for caring, sharing, praying, and donating.  It truly takes a village and we are grateful for ours and excited to welcome Pilgrim to this amazing community.  We will continue to keep all of you updated and again, infinite gratitude for all of you!