About Help Us Replenish our Food Fund!

It has been a difficult few years for rescues and sanctuaries across the globe.  We are incredibly grateful to be one of the ones still standing and providing for the animals in our care, and still helping with new cases when we can.  Our food prices have increased dramatically and our fund for covering these expenses is getting quite low.  Each and every month, we spend over $600 on fresh fruits and vegetables and over $900 on pelleted formulations for our different animals.  That doesn't include hay, bedding, electricity, supplements, or any other kind of maintenance whatsoever.  That is over $1500 just in different diets and fresh food.  We could really use some help replenishing these funds!  We are hoping to get 2 months worth of food banked if we can!  Please donate if you can and please share, every bit helps us to keep their bellies full and happy!