We are facing a real hay emergency. Hay has been becoming more and more difficult to secure and the prices are sky rocketing. Our hay supplier is working so hard to make sure we have enough quality hay to not only last us until this years cutting, but to also do so at a somewhat affordable price. In order to secure over 50% in savings, we have to buy an entire semi load. The cost for this is around $10,000 but it will last our herd of 14 over 5 months, which will get us into Spring when we can feed less hay and start to work on next years winter hay. We know times have been hard for everyone. We also know the power of coming together and if we ALL could donate a small amount, even $1, we could hit our goal in no time. This is truly an urgent need for the horses, mules, and donkeys that call our sanctuary home. Please donate if you can and please share this campaign far and wide, we couldn't do any of this without all of you. Thank you in advance for any support you can offer, whether a donation, a share, and even just prayers and good vibes for us to hit our goal