About End of Year 2021

Kinta, Jynx, and Tulip are just a few of the incredible success stories you help us to accomplish when you support Happy Tales.  As we are in winter, we have some urgent needs to take care of for both our equines and our exotics:

What your End Of Year Donations will Help Us Accomplish:

Our two most urgent needs  currently are to replace the heat pump (HVAC) system in our exotics building and to provide a shelter for Spartan in his new area..

The heat pump is what provides heating, air conditioning, and air filtration in our animal building. This is vital to the health and well being of the animals being housed in there. We have a very generous contractor who has offered to donate the labor for this project so we only have to raise the funds for the equipment. The estimate for this is around $3800.  

We have paid the deposit on a shelter for Spartan, the mammoth donkey we saved from slaughter over the summer.  The cost for his shelter is $1300.  Having a shelter is imperative for donkeys as they do not have waterproof coats.  This shelter will be large enough to house a friend for Spartan in the future and will allow us to save another deserving animal.

Some other ways your donation will help:

- We have a balance we are carrying with our vet for the castrations and vaccines on Taco and Spartan.  The cost for each donkey was $385.

- New enclosures for two of our adorable kinkajous, Oso and Inka.

- And fo course, the biggest way, is that it helps us to provide the ongoing care the animals need. including food, heating/AC, farrier and vet care for all of the animals and allows us to save more lives in the future.