Together, we can show more people that animals have the power to educate and heal humans.

Together, we can protect and nurture wildlife, exotics, and farm animals.

 Together, we can build a place rooted in unconditional love, acceptance, and connection.

Together, side by side with other like-minded animal lovers, we have the power to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’. That’s why, as this year and decade come to a close, we are asking for your support to continue to build a new sanctuary, not only for the animals, but for ALL OF US. 

 This year, your generous gifts will help us keep the animals happy and healthy this winter and help us continue to build an incredible place for you to come and reap the many benefits of being with animals and nature.  Whether you make a one time donation, or become a member by setting up monthly donations, or simply share this message with family and friends, it all makes a HUGE difference.  We know we can count on you, so the animals can count on us.


Can we count you in?